Samantha Spade, Ace Detective

Samantha Spade, Ace Detective is a film-noir-detective-story-musical (in black and white).

Samantha is a lonely, misfit 13-year-old whose parents have sent her (along with kid sister, Trish) to musical theatre camp. But when the key prop—a falcon composed entirely of chocolate maltballs—disappears, Samantha gets the blame. She retreats to the old detective movies she loves, entering a black and white fantasy world where she is Samantha Spade, Ace Detective, the go-to gumshoe who always solves the case—for $25 a day, plus Twizzlers.

Sam’s first case walks into her office on the glamorous gams of Veronica Venus, star of stage, screen and the occasional circus. Veronica’s boyfriend, Senator John D. Rockababy, is missing. But her story may not be entirely truthful, and Samantha sets out to investigate, following the clues that lead to the dames, palookas, grifters, chiselers, flatfoots and flim-flammers that populate this black and white world.

Samantha solves the case just in time to return to her real world, where she saves the day with the solution to the case of the maltball falcon.

The Huffington Post calls Samantha Spade “an engaging, fast-paced show that will appeal to all ages” with “a near-perfect balance between kid-friendly action and high-end satire,” and “a first rate score that sticks in memory long after the curtain comes down.” The New York Times cheers the way this “wry new family musical . . . creat[es] a colorful adventure about a black-and-white world,” a “tongue-in-cheek version of a hard-boiled genre.”

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