Man of La Mancha

Quotes about the original production

“A metaphysical smasheroo.” Life

Man of La Mancha is a triumph of creative imagination and stagecraft.” New York Post 

“An exquisite musical play—the finest and most original work in our musical theatre since Fiddler on the Roof opened. It moves enthrallingly from an imaginative beginning to a heart-wrenching end.” John Chapman, New York Daily News 

Man of La Mancha has a heart that sings and a spirit that soars.” Rolling Stone

“To reach the unreachable star—what a soaring aspiration for an indestructible dreamer, and what a glorious summation for a bold and beautiful new musical...Thus it goes all evening—realism aligned with romanticism, and each sharpened by the other.” Norman Nadel, World-Telegram & Sun

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