Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Donny Osmond in the 1999 Joseph film (Photo: Alex Bailey)

Did you know?

Before settling on the idea of Joseph, Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber toyed with ideas about spies, 007s and the like.

Donny Osmond in the 1999 Joseph film (Photo: Alex Bailey)

Sting's First Job

Sting began his musical career playing bass for a production of Joseph in his hometown of Newcastle in northern England.

Copyright Facts

The copyright on Joseph was originally sold by Tim and Andrew to Novello & Co. for 50 guineas each. Novello & Co. was subsequently purchased by Filmtrax, who continued to own the copyrights until April 21, 1989, when Andrew’s Really Useful Group purchased it for £1 million.

Yvonne Elliman as Mary and Jeff Fenholt as Jesus in the original 1971 Broadway production (Photo: NYPL/Billy Rose Theatre Division)

The follow-up to SUPERSTAR?

The album of Jesus Christ Superstar was a massive success in America and when Joseph was released there, with a marketing campaign implying it was the follow-up to Superstar, the Joseph album stayed in the charts for three months.

Donny Osmond in the 1999 Joseph Film (Photo: Alex Bailey)

Loincloth Troubles

Donny Osmond says his most embarrassing showbiz moment was when his loincloth fell off during a performance of Joseph!

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