Production Resources

Jesus Christ Superstar


License professional graphics for your posters, web pages and marketing materials! Artwork rights for The Musical Company’s shows are only available in conjunction with an amateur performance license.



PLAYBILLder lets you build your very own Broadway quality Playbill® program. PLAYBILLder is pre-populated with character names, song listings and additional information for The Musical Company’s shows—just add your production details and photos to customize your programs! Learn more at



Designed specifically to meet the needs of productions that want convenient, cost-effective access to the unique, signature keyboard sounds that are integral to The Musical Company’s shows. All you have to do is connect any standard keyboard (or multiple keyboards) to your laptop and you'll be ready to perform! Contact Realtime Music Solutions for more information.


MyLines® FOR CAST:

Get off book fast! The MyLines app helps actors memorize their roles. The MyLines app highlights your role(s) automatically, gives you hints from hidden lines, selectable viewing styles, font sizes, and audio playback of cues in a show. Available as an app for both Apple and Android devices. The Musical Company shows are only available in conjunction with a performance license. Contact MyLines LLC for more information. 


StagePro™ FOR CREW:

Simplify your production management! The StagePro system manages various aspects of producing a show, including planning, character-by-scene breakdown, blocking, and calling the show.  Easily share production across all devices (Apple, Android, web-based) with your entire team. The Musical Company shows are only available in conjunction with a performance license. Contact MyLines LLC for more information.


ROCS Show|Ready:

Show|Ready is a fully editable rehearsal tool that allows you and your cast to rehearse any time, any place. With a straightforward interface that runs on Mac, PC, and iOS devices, musical perfection is at your fingertips. As the director, you can cut measures, change keys, edit vamps, scale tempo, and more—and then immediately send those edits to your cast and crew so they can rehearse to all the latest changes. Featuring midi piano, bass, drums, and a click track, Show|Ready allows cast members to solo their vocal parts or mix down other instruments to hear their part more prominently. The program also contains a digital copy of the piano score for your show by The Musical Company. All of your edits fully integrate with Stage|Tracks, the customizable performance program. For more information, visit the Right On Cue Services website.

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