Music Sales Hire Tariffs

The hire tariffs below apply to licence holders in the U.K. & Eire. Contact the Music Sales Hire Library ( for more information.


Definitive Starlight Express – Minimum Hire Package: £500 plus postage costs


3 x Piano Vocal Scores for 3 months  (Each extra month = £8.25 per copy)

20 x Libretto Vocal Books for 3 months  (Each extra month = £5.50 per copy)

Full Score, Orchestral Materials/Band Parts, Click Tracks and Keyboard programming* for 1 month  (Each extra month = £110.00)

*The keyboard programming is provided in Apple Mainstage format and can be used with generic keyboard. We recommend that a footswitch is connected to change keyboard sound and also a volume pedal. The keyboard programming must be copied to the hard drive before use as it will not be fast enough running directly from the DVD.

Please contact the Music Sales Hire Library for more information (Tel: 01284 705 705)

Backing Track Version – Minimum Hire Package: £85 + postage

Includes  1 x CD, 1 piano vocal score, 1 vocal only book and 1 libretto book (words only) supplied ONE MONTH prior to the first performance.

Hire Fees

Additional materials are charged as follows:

CD/vocal pack            Each extra month = £43.00

Piano Vocal Score     Each extra month = £8.25 per copy

Vocal Only Book       Each extra month = £5.50 per copy

Libretto                      Each extra month = £2.75 per copy

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