Orchestra / Instrumentation

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Rehearsal Set Includes

  • 30 Libretto-Vocal Scores
  • 2 Piano-Conductor Scores


The available versions of Joseph are as follows:

10 Piece Orchestration

This 90-minute version was arranged specifically for schools and is essentially a simplified version of the 1991 Palladium production, which starred Jason Donovan. It includes the Prologue, “Any Dream Will Do” at the beginning and end of the show and the Playout. It has a series of simple reprises as a finale rather than the Megamix.

  •       Woodwind I (Flute, Piccolo, Bb Clarinet)
  •       Woodwind II (Bb Clarinet, Soprano Sax, Bass Clarinet)
  •       Horn
  •       Trumpet
  •       Percussion
  •       Keyboard I
  •       Keyboard II
  •       Guitar
  •       Bass
  •       Drums

15 Piece Version

This is essentially the version from the 1991 Palladium production (slightly modified for the 1993 U.K. tour). It includes the Prologue, extended dance breaks in “One More Angel in Heaven” and “Those Canaan Days.” This 90-minute version also includes the Megamix.

  •       Woodwind I (Flute, Bb Clarinet, Alto Sax)
  •       Woodwind II (Oboe, Cor Anglais)
  •       Horn
  •       Guitar I (Electric, Acoustic)
  •       Guitar II (Electric, 12 String)
  •       Bass Guitar
  •       Drums
  •       Percussion
  •       Keyboard I
  •       Keyboard II
  •       Keyboard III
  •       Violin I
  •       Violin II
  •       Viola
  •       Cello