Cast Requirements

Aspects of Love


2 Women
1 Teenage Girl
2 Men


3 Women
2 Men


Singing-Dancing Ensemble with numerous small roles


Alex Dillingham—a young Englishman
Rose Vibert—a struggling actress
Marcel Richard—an actor-manager
Crooner (off-stage)
George Dillingham—Alex's uncle
Giulietta Trapani—an Italian sculptress
Jerome—George's gardener
First Fairground Barker
Second Fairground Barker
Elizabeth—George's housekeeper
A Hotelier
A Hotel Cashier
A Doctor
A Pharmacist
A Gondolier
A Registrar
An Assistant Registrar
Hugo—Rose's lover
Jenny Dillingham—daughter of George and Rose
Ensemble (suggested minimum 8 men 6 women)